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- Le Dr A. Mermoud a été nommé parmi les "100 top ophtalmologists" 2018 (voir site) : : "Dr A. Mermoud, Consultant Cataract and Glaucoma Surgeon, Clinique De Montchoisi, Lausanne, Switzerland. "André has been involved in pushing forwards new and safer surgical treatments for glaucoma. He was also instrumental in creating (with other Swiss ophthalmologists) the “Vision For All” foundation that financed the construction of an ophthalmic hospital in Southern India in 2003, where he volunteers at least several weeks of his time each year".


- Interview, le 10.03.2013, du Dr A. Mermoud dans le cadre de la semaine Mondiale du Glaucome (RTS - Espace 2) :

- Site de Swissglaucome (Semaine Mondiale du Glaucome) : 

Site d'IRIS (International Resources for the Improvement of Sight) :

- Site du SSMI - New Delhi - Inde :